Jupiter Harbour Condominiums

We take great pride in our beautiful area and its special amenities and ask that you join us in adhering to the guidelines in this brief booklet.

Please read it in the spirit in which it is written. There are 97 condo units in our complex. Therefor everyone's cooperation and consideration will go a long way to maintaining a wonderful atmosphere.

We are glad you are here!


Jupiter Harbour is protected by a 24 hour security staff. Our chief of security is at the gate Monday through Friday from 7:30am until 3:30pm. He will give you a survey to fill out on behalf of the Property Owners' Association (POA) in order to obtain a decal or a remote control to get through the gate quickly.

Guests, contractors etc. are admitted and issued a pass for the dash when the security officer has obtained the resident's authorization by phone. For traffic ease, it is recommended that residents inform the guard when expecting visitors. Between 10pm and 7am guests will not be admitted except with prior notification.

Sorry, the security staff cannot accept deliveries.

The Gatehouse telephone number is: 746-2557.


We recommend that you leave a key with Security for use in case of emergency. Keys to units are kept in a locked safe and coded and can only be identified by the security staff. A separate key is also recommended for the condo association which is for emergencies and pest control only. This key should go to the property manager's office at poolside. Keys will not be released to guests, repairmen etc. except in emergency situations.


The community-wide speed limit is 15 mph. Please observe it.


Guest parking and undercover parking spaces for residents is provided. Please, only four wheel passenger vehicles are permitted. No RVs, boats, trailers, trucks or motorcycles. (For a more detailed explanation please se Article XVI of the document.)


Pets are prohibited by our condo rules.


We have four tennis courts, two of which are lighted for evening play up to 10pm. These lights are controlled from the gatehouse. The security officer will be glad to turn them on for you. You may telephone the gatehouse or stop by.

Both the condominium and the townhouse areas have swimming pools for the use of their residents and guests. Please use only the pool designated for the condominiums. Rules are posted, there are no lifeguards. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. For safety - no running please, no glass containers, no large rafts in the pool. Help keep our pool clean - no food within 4 feet of the water.


A chute for garbage (in plastic bags only) is provided on each floor. Recycling bins are provided in the first floor trash room. Please flatten any boxes or cartons and take them to the first floor trash room. Please help us prevent clogs, do not pour any grease down your drain!


We have a wonderful path along our waterfront for the walking enjoyment of our condo residents. For our protection, we must prohibit skateboards, bicycles, roller blades etc.


A licensed exterminator services our community monthly at no extra cost. The condominium units are serviced on the second Thursday of each month. Upon arriving at Jupiter Harbour, the exterminator is issued keys to the units and sprays all the interiors. This service is guaranteed and the exterminator will come back at no charge if you have insect problems between services.


No changes may be made to the exterior of the property except with the prior approval of the Board of Directors. This includes hurricane shutters, screening, doors, balcony floor covering etc. Any plans for alteration shall be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors.

Local fire codes prohibit open flame cooking on balconies. You are welcome to use the grills provided at the pool area or on the common property.

We hope you will enjoy life at
Jupiter Harbour Condominiums
as much as we all do!