Closing your unit for the summer

  1. Shut off main water valve to your unit.

  2. Use Bactivate solution in all drains. 8 ounces per drain and then 8 ounces of hot water. Do not use the sink after treatment.

  3. Shut off and unplug hot water heater.

  4. If your refrigerator is empty, unplug and leave the door open.

  5. Leave the A/C set at 82 and the humidastat at 65.

  6. Unplug all appliances, particularly TV, microwave and computer.

  7. Cover all toilets with plastic wrap.

  8. Remove all furniture from patio.

  9. Close hurricane Shutters or arrange for someone to close before a hurricane strikes our area.

  10. Lock all doors and windows.

  11. Notify the office & guard gate of your leaving.